At Grand Canyon Ranch, we want to make sure that you enjoy and remember your stay with us. We have set up a number of in-house and outdoor activities that you can participate in.

Horseback Rides

No ranch visit is complete without taking a horseback ride. Choose from the most spirited to the most docile horse that we have. For first time riders, one of our ranch hands will gladly teach you the ropes of riding  horseback so you can enjoy your ride.

Camping Grounds

Overnight camping is available for the more outdoorsy guests upon request. You get to sleep in a wagon or tent underneath the stars right beside the warmth of a campfire.

Interactive Ranching

Are you interested in taking a turn to be a ranch hand for a day? We’ll be happy to accommodate you through our interactive ranching program. Learn the basics like feeding the horses or how to throw a rope to successfully catch cattle.

Guided Tours

Let our in-house tour guides take you on a trip outside the Grand Canyon Ranch. You can go on the Fresh Foodie Trail to visit our neighbors who have set up agritourism and farm attractions. Learn more about them and sample the culinary delights they have to offer.